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Lexi Loves Giving Manojobs
Lexi Loves Giving Manojobs @ ManoJob.com
Ever see a handjob whore slam a buttplug up her ass and stroke a massive dick off until it makes spewey all over her face? I didn’t think so…hey. I’m Lexi Love. I’m the biggest slut you’ll ever see. I’m a whore, too. A big one. So big I’ll slam a butt plug up my ass just cause that’s how I roll. Don’t believe me? Check my manojob scene. Note the picture set, when I’m sticking my ass out into the air with my camouflaged bikini on…see my silver plug hanging out of my ass? Uh huh. You got that shit right. I spit and swear and talk like the oldest whore in the whorehouse. I work the cum out of my man’s balls and hardly work up a sweat. I do this the whole time I’m talking directly to you — the Manojob.com member. If you don’t believe me, just watch. Listen. Learn.

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Tristan KingsleyTristan Kingsley
Tristan Kingsley @ ManoJob.com
Heya Guys! I’m Tristan Kingsley, and how ’bout you make yourself comfortable and make sure you’re all alone, cause I’m about to entertain you in ways you can’t imagine. Well, that’s a lie. You’re a member of Manojob, so you know how they roll here. I jerk a king-sized dick while I talk dirty to you and I catch a humongous load right in my face. There’s not much else to say, is there? Oh…except that I’m brand new, and keep a lookout for me…I love my job and I love being in dirty movies!
Tristan KingsleyTristan Kingsley

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Arielle’s Jizzum Jerk @ ManoJob.com
My name is Arielle Summers and I’m the newest Manojob girl. You don’t see me much on camera with guys, so watching this jerk session is a treat. I only do girls on camera, and I was at a lesbo shoot at the Manojob studios when they approached me to jerk a wad of jizz out of this guy I just met that day. The money was right, and I’m a little whore, so I said SURE! and the next thing you know I’m working for a load of cum. I got it, too. But not after I did a striptease and showed off my beautiful round ass and my super tight pink hole. I showed off my brown star, too, and even shoved a finger up it. Then I tasted my own ass. All this and the jerk session, too! Lucky boys!! ; – )

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Annette SchwartzAnnette Schwartz
Annette Schwartz @ ManoJob.com
Hello. My name is Annette Schwartz. I am from Germany. I come to the USA to make very good smut. I love being in adult movie. Back home, I did Goo Girl movies. I love a man’s goo. I love it on my face, in my hair, and in my mouth, and even in my eyes. For me there is no burn in the eyes. It’s just nasty. Today I give a handjob. It’s a good one. I show myself naked, and then I give a man a handjob. I make him cum all over my tongue and on my leg. Then I pick it up from my leg and I eat it. I put it in my mouth and I gurgle on it and then I eat it. I don’t mind this at all. Bye bye!
Annette SchwartzAnnette Schwartz

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Aiden’s Massive Pop Shot @ ManoJob.com
I’m Aiden. Aiden Starr. I’m kinda new to this whole porn scene, so you might not have heard of me. I’m originally from the East Coast, but now I call LA home, and I’m making my money as a porn star. There’s a lot of money to be made, and it’s cool! I love my porno jobs! Speaking of jobs, today I give a manojob. A manojob is more than just a handjob. Why? Cause there was so stupid talking between me and the guy I jerk off, or me and the director. I pay attention to YOU. That means I talk to you, and I look at you, so it feels like I’m jerking YOU. People love it! It’s like phone sex over a video phone! It’s your own private show!!! You’re gonna love it as much as the guy I jerked loved it, and I know he loved it a whole bunch cause by the end of this jerk session I’m a cum-covered mess!!! MWAH — Aiden

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Jenni’s Jerk Session @ ManoJob.com
My name is Jenni and I’m the quiet type. I don’t like to talk a whole lot, so I’ll keep it short here. So I did a Manojob with this guy. I got nude and played with myself a little before I jerked him off. I used to be a legit model, but work’s hard to come by, so I did some adult stuff. You mighta even seen me on The Dick Suckers, cause the same guys who do Manojob do The Dick Suckers, and I did them both. Did you see my Dick Suckers scene? The guy blew a huge load all over my face. Well, guess what? Same thing happens here. Only it was easy to make the guy blow with my mouth. This hand thing takes work. : – (

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Fiona’s Closet Handie @ ManoJob.com
Hey guys, remember me? I’m Fiona Cheeks. I was in the porno game a few years back, and this year, at the LA Erotica Convention in Los Angeles, I met up with the Manojob.com folks, who brought me out of retirement! It’s so cool! Anyways, I showed up at their studio on a busy day, and I got so fucking horny being around all the male talent that I grabbed one and dragged him into a closet before our scene! And sure enough, there was a camera man there to spy on us, but I didn’t give a dang! It was so friggin’ hot that I just went along with it. Back in the day I never shot a handjob scene, and I forgot how much work is involved! LOL. I mean it’s easy to make a guy nut with your mouth or your pussy…but just a hand? I mean it’s easy if the guy hasn’t had any experience! But a porno dude? Anyway, I worked his shaft hard using only my hands, and boy, what a load I got! I mean he filled my mouth with his hot cream!! I gargle it for you, too! Who said a little cum play wasn’t a good thing? Hee hee!! XO — Fiona

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Ziggy Pulls A Wad OutZiggy Pulls A Wad Out
Ziggy Pulls A Wad Out @ ManoJob.com
Um, I dunno what to say. I suppose I should introduce myself and all that. I’m Ziggy. I’m 18. I’m gonna be 19 soon. I’m a stripper in Florida and I decided to cum to California and be in porno movies. I just got here when the Manojob.com crew discovered me at the bus stop. They send talent scouts all around and that’s how they found me. I try really hard to be sexy in this movie. Like I said, I’m a stripper, and I have all the moves. I do great grinds when I lap dance, but this whole handjob thing is kinda new to me. But I try. I act real sexy and jerk this dude off. They paid me to jerk him real good, so I did. I didn’t know he was gonna cum all over my face though. That kinda threw me off. Oh well. I had fun! Bye!!
Ziggy Pulls A Wad OutZiggy Pulls A Wad Out

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Madison Teaches The Tug
Madison Teaches The Tug @ ManoJob.com
Hello Boys. My name is Madison Young, and I’m 26 years old. I’m a natural red head, and yea, the carpet matches the shades. On my right is my friend Allie King. She’s a barely-legal with a problem. Believe it or not, she doesn’t know how to give a handjob, and her boyfriend is now pressing the issue. He wants one — bad. She needs a lesson — bad. The result? Allie comes to me for her lesson, and that’s exactly what I give her. Using a stunt cock, I show her how to take it from small and limp to big and hard. I show her different techniques, and I correct her when she isn’t doing the job. The finale? Well, I jerk my lunch right into Little Allie King’s open palm, and then I lap it up like a greedy cum pig. Oh, and I make Allie taste her reward as well. She loved it. And you’ll love this scene.

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ManoJob.com Erika’s Hand

April 29th, 2008

Erika’s Hand @ ManoJob.com
Hello. My name is Erika Vution, and today I’m your massage therapist. Would you please lay face down on my table and let my hands work any tension from your body? There. That’s it. Now, would you please flip over and place my hand on where you need the most relief. Wow! Um, OK. As long as you don’t tell my boss, I think I can work that tension out. First let me squirt some oil all over that stress area and use my hands to rub it all in. There ya go! Well, he sure did wake up in a flash! Hee hee. Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me? I thought so…I hope you don’t mind if I make myself more comfortable. I thought so. Gimme a few seconds to take all these clothes off. Um, yes, I know they’re large…D’s, to be exact. Yes, they’re all natural. Yes, I can use them to relieve your stress as well. First, feel them. See? All natural. Now let me wrap them around your Johnson. Sure, you can squirt some oil in there. Wait…let me. You’re here to relax. Let me do all the work. And yes, I’ll work for that load, and yes, you can drench my big naturals with your jizz! That’s what I’m here for!!!

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